Thursday, April 27, 2006

ESB Fresh Wort Kits

I seem to be going through my stocks of beer quicker that I seem to be brewing them. Whilst I rarely run out, the beer I am forced to put on tap is a little green and unmatured. I've got a great house, as in each room, there is a trapdoor that opens up a space underneath the floorboards. In winter the temperature down there is a fairly constant 8 to 10°C so I can take advantage of at least some degree of cold conditioning.

In order to get my levels of beer up, I have fallen back on a couple of extract brews, one of which is the fresh Amber Ale Wort from ESB. It is just a dilution with 5 liters of water and throw in a good quality yeast.

The other good thing about these worts is that they come in what is essentially a fifteen litre fermenter. A perfect size for splitting a brew into two batches for the addition of fruit or fancy beers I want to try. Therefore, I've been keeping an eye out for recipes. I picked up one on AHB today which seems to be the type of thing I'm looking for.

Other options are a couple of Stouts and Porters. Sweet, Sweet Porter.....


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