Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beer Labels

During the week I was poking around site on my lunch break and stumbled across the deadset genius work of AHB member Franko who has the ability to create some of the best beer labels I've seen from nothing (more and more). Combine that with the couple of sites posted in this thread and I was quite inspired.

As I had a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to dust off the old photoshop and give a couple of labels a burl. I created a basic desgin based on Franko's Pilsner label and adjusted it so that I can simply add details as needed. I put a bit more into the ANZAC Amber Ale, as I didn't want that to be as light-hearted. Anyway, behold...

Hayes Creek Pilsener:
Hayes Creek Pilsner.jpg

Simpsons Donkey IPA:
Simpsons Donkey IPA.jpg

ANZAC Amber Ale:
Anzac Amber Ale.jpg

Work has a rip snorter of a colour printer, so it'll get a workout tommorrow.


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