Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beer Labels

During the week I was poking around site on my lunch break and stumbled across the deadset genius work of AHB member Franko who has the ability to create some of the best beer labels I've seen from nothing (more and more). Combine that with the couple of sites posted in this thread and I was quite inspired.

As I had a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to dust off the old photoshop and give a couple of labels a burl. I created a basic desgin based on Franko's Pilsner label and adjusted it so that I can simply add details as needed. I put a bit more into the ANZAC Amber Ale, as I didn't want that to be as light-hearted. Anyway, behold...

Hayes Creek Pilsener:
Hayes Creek Pilsner.jpg

Simpsons Donkey IPA:
Simpsons Donkey IPA.jpg

ANZAC Amber Ale:
Anzac Amber Ale.jpg

Work has a rip snorter of a colour printer, so it'll get a workout tommorrow.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

ESB Fresh Wort Kits

I seem to be going through my stocks of beer quicker that I seem to be brewing them. Whilst I rarely run out, the beer I am forced to put on tap is a little green and unmatured. I've got a great house, as in each room, there is a trapdoor that opens up a space underneath the floorboards. In winter the temperature down there is a fairly constant 8 to 10°C so I can take advantage of at least some degree of cold conditioning.

In order to get my levels of beer up, I have fallen back on a couple of extract brews, one of which is the fresh Amber Ale Wort from ESB. It is just a dilution with 5 liters of water and throw in a good quality yeast.

The other good thing about these worts is that they come in what is essentially a fifteen litre fermenter. A perfect size for splitting a brew into two batches for the addition of fruit or fancy beers I want to try. Therefore, I've been keeping an eye out for recipes. I picked up one on AHB today which seems to be the type of thing I'm looking for.

Other options are a couple of Stouts and Porters. Sweet, Sweet Porter.....

Mum! I Want a Light Sabre*!

This is good

Found on VideoSift

*Is it light sabre, light-sabre or lightsabre?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes the Intarweb sucks arse...

When I get home from work each day, one of the site I love to go to and have a good hearty chuckle with is The Spin Starts Here. I constantly find myself sitting at my computer giggling away like a retarded chimp.

It seems that some complete fucktard has been threatening the baby of one of the contributors, Caz, who has decided to remove herself from the site. This sucks. To the person out in the blogosphere threatening a FUCKING CHILD because of a couple of comments made on a blog I have this to say...

FUCK YOU, NUMBNUT and may you cop many a painful kick in the cods.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recipes for Next Brew

I', trying to decide what to brew this weekend. I need to get some stocks up, so I can get some beer conditions for longer than I currently am. I want to have it sitting in the keg for at least six weeks prior to tapping, as opposed to the two weeks it currently is.

Anyhoo, these are the recipies I'm looking at to brew this weekend.

Indian Pale Ale (mikem108) - Haven't brewed an IPA yet.
Heffewiezen - I might brew this in a couple of weeks when the temperature has dropped at bit and I can let it sit.
Ordinary Bitter (warrenlw63). Currently have an ESB on tap that I'm quite fond of.
Docs Oatmeal Stout - this might go better in the bottle.

Theres also a Weisen I've got a recipe for. Too many choices!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Brew 13: Skunk Fart Pale Ale

My first all grain brew. Brewed for St Patricks Day 2006. Consumed heartily by members of the Guinness Club, with little effect the following day.

Recipe and Actuals. Both are PDF's.

Brew 12: Crested Butte ESB

Another Coutnry brewer Wetpack to build up the Stocks. Actually came out really, really nice. Very clear, good head - a good evening drinking beer.

Recipe and Actuals. Both are PDF's.

Brew 11: Turret Peaks Pilsner

Nice Summer Drop for the hot afternoons. Needs longer cold conditioning under the house. Got better in the fridge as time went on.

Recipe and Actuals. Both are PDF's

The Sao Paulo Experience

Here are the photos from my Brazilian trip. The photos themselves really aren't anything special (I'm not a good photographer).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Say Hello to Gilbert

I've finally got meself a Gilbert! Moist!

I'm Back, Yet Slack

I have returned to the promised land. I promise I'll have you all round for the slideshow. I'm currently trying to digest an entire cow.