Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I finally found the search bar within Blogger at the top of the page and typed in Home Brewing. Got a couple of sites that look like preety good reads.

Laughing Ass Brewing
Needle Wheat Brewing
East Coast Brewing

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kenya Cricket

Kenya has started a website over at Kenya cricket and has subsequently written more in three weeks than I have in six months. Freak. If you're interested in how much Kenya lost there last game by, this is the place to find out. I'm sure Kenya Cricket will also fill us in on all the stats showing how even though they lost (again) this time they lost by a much smaller margin that Zimbabwe. Excellent.

Back to the Grind

On Wednesday we returned from our long awaited summer holiday to Hyams Beach. Its a tiny little village inside Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast with the whitest sand in the world and a reputation for shark sightings. Fantastic spot.


We stayed in a tiny little one bedroom cottage on the beach and they rocked. The weather was crap for the first three days, fantastic for the next four days and crap for the last two. Apart from that everything was great (except for the part where our car had the window smashed so some wanker could steal $4.20 in loose change).

We basically relaxed by playing tennis, scrabble, swimming, snorkelling and actually being more energetic than we are while we are working. A couple of the pictures we took are here.

However, the fun has to come to an end sometime so on Monday both the wife and I return to our menial and unrewarding labours. Life is hard people.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some notable clashes:
Vodka Martini vs Gin Martini: A fucking atrocity.
New South Wales vs Queensland: Perfect One Day, Arse Kicked the Next
Web-Goddess vs Toeing the Line: Close call, but I ROCK!
My Wife vs Pamela Anderson: Nice Work Darlin'