Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why Queensland should be fenced off and burnt

Can anyone translate?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stone House Wheat Beer (Brew No. 7)

Started: 13th August 2005
Bottled: 3rd September 2005

Brewing Notes:
1.7kg Wals Wheat Malt Extract
1kg Morgans Wheat Mealt Concentrate
500g Crystal grain
12g Hersbrucker Hops (4.2% A.A.)
6g Yeast

Yeast pitched at 22C
Hops added as finishing hops

Initial S.G.: 1.042
Final S.G.: 1.016
% Alc.: 4.4% v/v

Bottling Notes:
Priming problems again. Required reopening and addition of more priming sugar.

Tasting Notes:
Slightly fishy smell, but doesn't overpower the beer.
Malty flavour is slightly stonger than the hoping flavour. Could use more bittering hops next time or addition of some as bittering hops
Cloudy beer, but clarity is alright for a wheat.
Good carbonation after initial priming problems.

Good spring beer.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Please! Please! Please Let it be true!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thou shalt not score!

In an effort to stem the proliferation of fatwas issues by nutbag muftis, the Saudi government is trying a new tack. Emphasing the stupid, idiotic and frivolous ones. Here for you perusal is a fatwa forbidding playing football (European) by the Saudi Newspaper Al Watan.

A few of the best bits:

2. International terminology that heretics and polytheists use, like "foul," "penalty," "corner," "goal," "out" and others, should be abandoned and not said. Whoever says them should be punished, reprimanded and ejected from the game. He should be publicly told, "You have imitated the heretics and polytheists and this is forbidden."

3. Do not call "foul" and stop the game if someone falls and sprains a hand or foot or the ball touches his hand, and do not give a yellow or red card to whoever was responsible for the injury or tackle. Instead, it should be adjudicated according to Sharia rulings concerning broken bones and injuries. The injured player should exercise his Sharia rights according to the Koran and you must bear witness with him that so-and-so hurt him on purpose.

6. Do not play in two halves. Rather play in one half or three halves in order to completely differentiate yourselves from the heretics, the polytheists, the corrupted and the disobedient.

12. If you finish playing soccer, do not talk about your game and say, "We were better than the opponent," or "So-and-so plays well" and so on. Instead be concerned with your bodies and their strength and muscles, and say, "We played only to drill in running, attacking and retreating, and to prepare for jihad in the name of God on high."

13. You should spit in the face of whoever puts the ball between the posts or uprights and then runs in order to get his friends to follow him and hug him like players in America or France do, and you should punish and reprimand him, for what is the relationship between celebrating, hugging and kissing and the sports that you are practicing?

This would be great on the Rugby field.

Ref: Hands off the ball Number 8. Off it! Off it! French Number 10. Hands out of the eyes. Hands out of the eyes!...Tweet!!!!! Right penalty. Eye-gouged guy, time to enforce Sharia Law. What will you take?

Eye-Gouged Opposition Player: What can I get for an eye-gouge?

Ref: I'll let you have a kick in the nuts, punch to the solar plexus, attempt at a dead leg, or a penalty try. Sorry, I mean a mullah baldhallah.

EGOP: Any chance of a quick squirrel grip? If I take the penalty try, I'll probably get spat on, and most of those French bastards have Hep A.

Ref: I'd have to go upstairs. It'll take too long.

EGOP: Alright I'll take the dead leg.

Ref: Dead Leg it is then. Come 'ere Francois. Play on!

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Friday, October 14, 2005


Go and read about the Squirelly at Defective Yeti . The Wife has had a lot of experience dealing with autistic children, and this really got her worked up. It’s hard to read, as everyone has been watching this kid grow up over the internet, and so you feel as if you have at least a small sense of belonging.

Where the hell have you been?

Where the hell have you been?

I’ve been on Holidays! Hurrah!

The Wife and I have been staying up at Narabeen house sitting and looking after the lovable Millie the Jack Russell.

Steph’s Sister’s family jet-setted off to the United States and we were lucky enough to get a lovely beach house (sort of) to stay in. It was a 15 minute walk to Narabeen beach (on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for those not in the know) where we spent quite a bit of time.

I worked for the first week, and drove in to work each day which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, before taking the rest of the time off and relaxing in the sun, playing a few games of golf and generally just taking it easy.

We ate beautifully. We made sure that we bought really good, fresh ingredients and I had a few reciepes that take a bit of time, but I had been wanting for a while to try out. Perfect opportunity.

Two Weekends of great sport were spent with quite a few beers and lots of seafood on the BBQ. The Swans game was spent with Mary and Rob, and an assortment of oysters, skewered garlic prawns, octopus, fresh calamari and marinated Atlantic salmon and washed down with James Squires Amber Ale. Beeeeaaautttiful!

Anyway, I’m back at work now, but we have another big weekend coming up with Mary and Rob’s wedding on tomorrow. The wife is the only bridesmaid so she has taken the day off, for an extended period of pampering with her sister. Some people can never get enough…