Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Back in the Game

Good to see the Space Program is back up and running again. Even if the Shuttle is only going to be around till 2010 (although I can see it hanging around till at least 2015).

There seems to be too much of an emphasis on risk reduction. thats why I think we'll see the Chinese on Mars before the Americans. They are more willing to take and accept the risks that come with space flight. If something happens and the astronaut dies, so be it. They atronaut knew what they were doing was risky and accepted it. The yanks seem to believe that any risk is unacceptable.

Sure minimise the risk, but you'll never be able to remove it completely. Its part of life.

Anyway. Go Discovery!

Space Picures are fucking cool



Monday, July 25, 2005

delete delete delete

Gah! Blogger keeps deleting my posts when I publish them. I lost the two posts below and I'm going to have to remember what I wrote. I think its got something to do with posting from Safari.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Irish Red Ale

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Possum Magic!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stone House Sweet Stout

Brew Number 4: Stone House Sweet Stout
Stone House Sweet Stout

Started: 7th April 2005
Bottled: 28th April 2004

Brewing Notes:
3kg Light Dry Malt
500g 60L Crystal Malt
500g Black Roasted Grain
45g Ringwood Hop Pellets (9.9% alpha)
11.5g Safale S-04 Yeast

Yeast pitched at 25C

Initial S.G.: 1.060
Final S.G.: 1.015
% Alc. 6.1%

Bottling Notes:
As mentioned here, bulk priming problem due to wrong sugar. Reopened bottles and added priming sugar. Bottles then recapped

Tasting Notes:
Nice dark chocolate flavour and very full beer. Could possibly be slightly reduced, but not by much. Poor head initially, but developed well after another 2-3 weeks. Retention could be a bit better. Nicely hopped. Not overly bitter but with a nice aroma. Great winter beer.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Straight from Shelobs Lair

After returning home from a particularly hard day in the lab yesterday, I was removing my bag from the passenger side door. As I was reaching I felt a sensation on the back of may hand that was holding the door open. Imagine my surprise when I looked down as saw this...

Shelob 1 Shelob 2

Crawling across my hand. After recovering from the initial shock, I took the time to remove it from where it was living in the car door, lest it frighten the wife while she is driving. Cool huh!

Shelob 3 Shelob 4